About Ultimate Medicinal Mushrooms

Photo of Alexander Lundell hunting mushrooms out in the wilderness while holding a stick.

Hi there

My name is Alexander Lundell, and I am a passionate advocate of Medicinal Mushrooms.

I grew up in Sweden, but I would spend my holidays with my grandparents who lived just across the border in Norway. Some of my fondest memories are of them taking me foraging for mushrooms.

I just loved these outings, the smell of the forest as well as all the myths my grandfather in particular would tell me about all the creatures living in the woods. In fact, it is these memories that have turned me into the avid hiker and nature enthusiast I am today.

Both my grandparents knew a lot about mushrooms and they would often volunteer to give advice to other mushroom gatherers at locally organised mushroom control stations.

These control stations are set up all over Norway and mushroom pickers can go there and have their mushroom basket checked to ensure that no poisonous ones have sneaked themselves into it. In fact, on average, these mushroom controllers find poisonous mushrooms in every 1 out 10 baskets!

Photo of Alexander Lundell sitting in a rock while holding a water bottle.I soaked up a lot of knowledge about mushrooms this way. And years later, when I had a health scare, I remembered my grandparents belief in mushroom as medicine. This spurred me on to do a lot of research into medicinal mushrooms and their many healing properties.

Thankfully, today I am fully recovered and I am more enthused about mushrooms than I ever was.

Having shared my knowledge with friends and family for years, I have finally decided to go online and share my love and knowledge of mushrooms and their medicinal uses with a larger audience, hence Ultimate Medicinal Mushrooms.

I hope you find the content on Ultimate Medicinal Mushrooms helpful and that you become as passionate about the medicinal uses of mushrooms as I am.

Stay healthy!