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3 Reasons to Grow Your Own Blue Oyster Mushroom

When it comes to popular mushrooms, none are more sought after than the humble Oyster mushroom. In particular, the Blue Oyster mushroom. It sports the kind of flavor many chefs like to use throughout their dishes. The blue oyster mushroom holds another unique property that makes it incredibly wanted. Text area which says "3 Reasons to Grow Your Own Blue Oyster Mushroom, ultimatemedicinalmushrooms.com" followed by a group of young oyster mushroom growing from sack of straw

The biggest problem with oyster mushrooms is that they only grow in the wild. This means those who hope to taste their delicious flavors, need to either search for them personally. They canvas the hills, mountains, and forests where they grow, or spot them at local farmers’ markets and hope a few will be offered.

The oyster mushroom has several varieties, with yellow, white, and black some of the more popular ones. The blue variety offers not only a pleasing change of color, but also an alternative taste to the other species. This makes it the preferred option for those who love the difference.

Why Grow Blue Oysters?

Reason #1: Grow them for simplicity

When you think of growing your own mushrooms, many people assume that the process is fraught with difficulties and hardship. In fact, growing your own mushrooms is a simple process that takes very little effort and even fewer skills. The biggest thing needed to grow mushrooms at home is patience, as not every attempt will end up with basket full of fruit.

For blue oyster mushrooms specifically, grab these spores and get ready to grow these amazing fruit, right in your own backyard. You don’t need to be spending hundreds of dollars on tools and set-up equipment. Instead, the entire process costs less than you probably imagine. There are several substrates you might consider, with sawdust usually the most popular.

After a few weeks, you may see the spores begin to break out, the intriguing process something fresh and unique to those unfamiliar with the art of growing mushrooms. There’s also plenty of guides available to help answer any question you may have, as well as hints and tips to give you the very best chance of success.

Reason #2: Grow them for availability

The problem with the most delicious of all the mushrooms is that they don’t grow in abundance. Think of some of the world’s most sought-after fungi and you quickly realize that nearly all of them only grow in the wild, with commercial growers unable to replicate the process. Think of the delicate morels, or the highly sought-after truffles, possibly one of nature’s true gifts to food connoisseurs.

Supermarket shelves normally hold an abundance of less popular varieties, like white buttons, portobello and Swiss brown. This doesn’t mean these mushrooms are less appealing compared to the wild-grown varieties. The supermarket varieties still offer amazing flavors, textures and appeal. There’s just something super special and intriguing about the mushrooms only foragers will ever truly understand.

Blue oyster mushrooms are the wild-grown variety many people hope to find and by growing them yourself, you may save yourself a lot of time and effort. Growing them right in your own home, safe from all the other eager hunters, will give you the upper hand, ensuring only you will ever be the one to choose when they are right for the picking. Imagine the look on people’s faces when you tell them that you grew your very own blue oysters, the gorgeous morsels blooming right before your eyes.

Reason #3: Grow them for their beauty

How many times have you looked at food and thought to yourself, “wow, this looks absolutely beautiful”? I bet mushrooms were part of those times, especially some of the more hard-to-find varieties. The incredible variety of colors, appealing shapes and beautiful appeal is what makes these kinds of mushrooms so irresistible to the human eye.

When you’re tired of the same old table centerpiece, like a bunch of flowers, or ornaments, then maybe take a gamble on something new. Imagine growing your very own centerpiece, and furthermore, something your visitors are far less likely to have ever seen growing in the middle of someone’s kitchen table.

Irrespective of which color you choose to try this on, remember that it doesn’t need to be a one-try affair. Why not give them all a go? Imagine that once you’ve successfully grown blue oyster mushroom in your kitchen, the next challenge is piercingly-bright yellow oysters or gorgeous pearl ones. There’s so many choices when it comes to growing oyster mushrooms, I’ve done the hard work for you and found you an abundant choice for oyster mushroom growing kits.

Why not try them today and start your oyster mushroom growing journey with a beautiful blue variety? I guarantee it will be well worth the effort, particularly if you succeed straight off the bat. Ready to begin?