Medicinal Mushrooms

Have you ever wondered whether there is more to mushrooms than meets the eye?

Many people around the world use mushrooms every single day. They use them in ways that might surprise you.

While many cultures have a long history of using mushrooms for more than just food, scientists are only now starting to discover the incredible healing benefits of mushrooms. The total number of mushroom varieties in the world is more than you might realize. The number is over 50,000 and includes many toxic varieties.

Studying Medicinal Mushrooms

Learning the difference between toxic varieties and those that are edible is what Ultimate Medicinal Mushrooms is so keen to share with you. We have already done the research, so you’ll find all the information you need in one place. We also include the latest mushroom buying guides and the latest and most popular mushroom growing kits available.

UMM shows you what mushrooms to forage for, the mushrooms to avoid, and those considered the holy grails of the fungi kingdom. But mushroom hunting will require more than just a little patience. Knowing which mushroom tools to use and where to find specific varieties is also good to know.

Before you go mushroom foraging, or begin a new health plan with mushroom supplements, it helps for you to understand both sides of what mushrooms are capable of. We design the articles on UMM to help you with understanding mushrooms for all they provide, from incredible healing properties to some unwanted side effects.

The team at Ultimate Medicinal Mushrooms are working hard to bring you accurate and carefully curated information. It is our goal to share all the amazing mushroom benefits in one place. A place we know you will find as exciting and informative as we do.