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7 Answers to Your “What Is Mushroom Coffee” Questions

What is mushroom coffee is a very common question, but once you discover this amazing drink, you will never look back. This coffee is not only giving you the taste of coffee, but also the health benefits of the mushrooms. Text area which says "7 Answers to Your “What Is Mushroom Coffee” Questions, ultimatemedicinalmushrooms.com" followed by cup of reishi mushrooms coffee and reishi coffee in a spoon

Let’s start from the beginning. Here are the 7 answers to your “what is mushroom coffee?” questions:

Fact #1: Mushroom coffee is black coffee with powdered mushrooms

Even though it sounds a bit weird, when you buy and make this type of coffee, you will hardly notice the difference. The mushrooms used in this coffee are usually earthy and somewhat muted, so the flavor is very subtle.

Fact #2: Mushroom coffee is less caffeinated

Whether you like to have multiple cups a day, or need something a little weaker, this blend of coffee is a perfect choice. Mushroom coffee has about half the amount of caffeine at about 50mg per one cup (8 oz.). For comparison, this type of coffee is more similar to some teas, including green tea.

Fact #3: All mushroom coffee is healthy, but the properties vary depending on the mushroom

Depending on what your coffee is made with, the health benefits will vary. Some mushrooms, like maitake or shiitake, are good for regulating blood sugar levels. Others, like Chaga and oyster, are better for fighting off free radicals and other damaging toxins.

However, no matter what mushroom is in your coffee, once you add mushrooms to it, the nutritional content increases exponentially. Most mushrooms are a great source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, B complex, selenium, potassium, and copper.

Fact #4: As with other coffee products, you should be careful about how much you drink

Although your mushroom coffee contains about half the caffeine from a regular coffee, you should still be careful about the amount you drink. If you are not sure how much is too much, then start by having only two or three cups a day. Yet, if you feel jittery, nervous, or any other side effects, the best idea is to stop taking it altogether.

Fact #5: Some mushrooms are more common in coffee 

While it is true that any mushroom could be powdered and added to coffee, there are a few that are more powerful. If you are going to check for commercial mushroom coffee, you should check whether it is made with reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, or Chaga.

For one, reishi mushrooms have been proven to help you sleep, enhancing your body’s natural sleep cycle without sedation. When you need to feel rested and relax, a reishi mushroom coffee can help.

On the other hand, the lion’s mane is known to help prevent the progression of certain cognitive disorders, including dementia. The compounds in this mushroom known as hericenones and erinacines, help stimulate brain cell growth and reduce oxidative damage.

Cordyceps mushrooms have been used in alternative medicine for many centuries. These fungi seem to have the capacity to reduce blood sugar levels, improve kidney function, improve energy levels, and decreasing blood cholesterol as well.

Finally, Chaga mushrooms are very rich in nutrients, including potassium, vitamin D, fiber, calcium, iron, and zinc. All of these are helpful compounds to manage blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and prevent chronic illnesses.

Fact #6: You can buy pre-made mushroom coffee

If you are not much of an experimenter in your kitchen, don’t worry, as this type of coffee is widely available these days. You can first try your local organic market or health store, but online is a good idea too.

Pre-made mushroom coffee is the product of mixing in dried and ground mushrooms to the coffee grounds. In some cases, you may even find other spices and flavors added, such as cocoa, vanilla, or peppermint.

Fact #7: Try making your mushroom coffee at home

Since it is easy to find it elsewhere, many people don’t even think about making this coffee themselves. However, you can always try!

To home-make this coffee, you will need your favorite coffee grounds and medicinal mushroom powder. If you can’t find the powder, you can use your mushrooms at home, though it may take more time. Make sure to dry the mushrooms throughout and then grind them in a food processor or blender until they become a powder.

All that is left to do is mix the coffee grounds and mushroom grounds, always ensuring they are completely blended. For added flavors, consider adding vanilla extract, cinnamon, cocoa powder, or sugar.

Coffee is always a good idea!

Now that you know what mushroom coffee can do for you, why not add it to your morning or afternoon routine? You may be hesitant at first, but once you realize all the health benefits and the tasty flavor it has, this coffee will be a must at home. Remember to always measure the coffee amount appropriately before brewing! For more great mushroom articles, check these out.