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7 Facts About The Penis Envy Mushroom

If you have come across a penis envy mushroom before, then you know it is not common and very difficult to come by. Their origin and uses are still being studied today. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for one yourself.

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Here are the 7 facts about the penis envy mushroom that you should know:

Things you should know about the penis envy mushroom

Fact #1: It gets its name because it looks like the reproductive organ

This fact may be a given, but the name of this mushrooms is because it resembles the male reproductive organ. These mushrooms often look big and thick, with a bulbous cap that may separate from the stem.

Fact #2: There is no clear evidence on where this mushroom comes from

No one truly knows where this mushroom came to be. Some believe it was mycologist Steven Pollock who created this unique mutation. The penis envy mushroom seems to come from a mutation from the Amazonian Cubensis that the other famous mycologist, Terence McKenna, carried in his store.

There are still no confirmed facts, and these days, you will see some people calling other mushrooms penis envy when they are not the true ones.

Fact #3: Penis envy is the result of a recessive genetic mutation

Some labs have now discovered that penis envy mushroom can revert to looking like a cubensis mushroom. This observation means the mutation needed for the penis envy mushroom to occur is a recessive one, which means the mushroom must exhibit two mutated copies, or it will not exhibit the properties of the original mushroom.

Other mushrooms may look like penis envy, but they probably only have one mutated copy, which means visually, it will not look like it should.

Fact #4: This is a magic mushroom

Magic mushrooms are those kinds of mushrooms that contain psilocybin, a natural hallucinogenic, or psychoactive substance. In some cultures, and throughout history, these mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes and psychological exploration.

In these cases, you can find magic mushrooms sold as dried pieces that you eat in food, mix in with drinks, or in a few instances, eat them fresh. You should know, though, that magic mushrooms are considered a Schedule I drug in the United States, and they are not legal.

You may have also heard the names shrooms, mushies, blue meanies, golden tops, and liberty caps. All refer to these psychoactive mushrooms. Some people also have side effects like nausea, drowsiness, nervousness, paranoia, hallucinations, and even psychosis.

Fact #5: This mushroom is potent

The strain used to cultivate the penis envy mushroom is known to be a powerful one. While there isn’t enough evidence to prove its potency, some speculate that it is because penis envy is a mutant strain.

Another key factor that affects penis envy’s potency is that it grows very slowly, much slower than the normal cubensis mushrooms. Because it grows slowly, it has a longer period to produce the psilocybin that gives it the hallucinogenic properties. As a result, penis envy will contain more psilocybin in every gram as compared to the cubensis counterpart.

Fact #6: The penis envy spores look like cubensis ones but they are not the same

Unlike what some people claim or believe, the spores of the penis envy mushroom look the same as the cubensis strain. You may not be able to see any differences, even under a microscope, as the size, color, and shape are the same. Still, the key part here is that penis envy mushroom spores don’t open their cap in the same way.

If you are looking to harvest this type of magic mushroom, you will need a spore syringe, because you can’t expect to make spore prints. You may be able to find these strain syringes online, which are sold for the intended purpose of research and taxonomy.

Fact #7: Be careful with the penis envy mushroom

The truth is that many people think that magic mushrooms are safe and won’t result in side effects or “bad trips.” However, these mushrooms are highly variable and contain a slight amount of poison, which can cause unpredictable effects, depending on who takes them.

If you are consuming any magic mushrooms, you should be careful, but also have someone near you to help with any potentially dangerous side effects.

Consider yourself an expert!

You may have not known what a penis envy mushroom was before this article, but by now, you can be somewhat of an expert. Remember to always check for the validity of the mushroom you see or buy, because many may try to trick you into thinking a cubensis strain is a penis envy mushroom.

If you are starting to grow the penis envy mushroom, then you may find it a slow process, but with care, you will see a rewarding one in the end.

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