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3 Oyster Mushroom Kits for Starting to Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Having your own oyster mushroom kits is the perfect way to indulge yourself with some very healthy and tasty food.

This article will provide you information on how to start growing unlimited oyster mushrooms.

You will learn what mushroom grow kits are, how they work, and which would be the perfect mushroom for starters.

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What are Mushroom Grow Kits

Have you ever grown a pot plant from scratch? The principle is the same, but replacing the plant with mushrooms.

You’re still growing a potted plant, but with a fungus, instead. Mushrooms belong to the fungi kingdom, their genetic make-up substantially different to that of plants.

A pre-packed mushroom growing kit has everything you need to grow your mushrooms from scratch. The kit is available in several options but will ultimately depend on what variety of mushrooms you choose to grow.

To help you decide which kit to purchase kit, decide which mushrooms species you’d like to cultivate as each kit is designed or tailored to a specific mushroom.

Mushroom grow-kits come with what’s called the substrate as well as the spores. When compared to gardening, think of these as the seeds and the soil in which to plant them.

Substrates will vary between mushroom varieties; your growing kit holding those specific to your chosen mushroom. The process for growing each type of mushroom is relatively the same between  kits, the only difference being the materials used.

How Does a Mushroom Grow Kit Work

Growing mushrooms is a great hobby for both mushroom lovers and those with a passion for gardening.

If you’re a beginner and would like to transition into growing mushrooms, it’s best to start with oyster mushrooms; one of the more simpler varieties to grow to maturity.

Oyster mushrooms are one of the more common varieties people eat.

This type of fungus is very forgiving, able to grow in varying conditions. Despite any mistakes you may make, you should still end up with great results.

The best thing about mushroom grow kits is that the job of preparing the substrate or “soil” has already been done for you.

You might need to poke some holes in the bag or box to let oxygen through, then locate a suitable spot for it.

An ideal spot is a place with indirect sunlight and decent exposure to moisture or humidity.

How long your mushroom spawns will grow, of course, depends on the type of mushroom.

Oyster mushrooms grow in about 5 days; another reason why they’re a great beginner mushroom to work with.

Recommended Oyster Mushroom Kits

Below, we have listed 3 oyster mushroom kits that we recommend you start with if you’ve never had one before.

These three products are common and popular choices for people to begin their journey in creating their own mini mushroom farm.

Kit #1: Back to the Roots Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Photo of an Oyster Mushroom Growkit boxThis mushroom kit comes with organic plant-based soil, so if you’re starting a mini mushroom farm for health reasons, it’s a perfect choice.

The kit includes everything you’ll need for success. Plus, it has a guaranteed free replacement or refund policy if no mushrooms are growing within the expected 10 days.

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Kit #2: Back to the Roots Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit for Kids

Photo of an Oyster Mushroom Growkit box for kidsIf you want a mushroom growing kit for your kids, for either a science project or as a new hobby, this is the best choice for you.

This product has instructions that are specifically written for kids to understand.

The kit even comes with a booklet containing activities for them to enjoy and recipes to follow once their mushrooms have all grown.

Get this kit from Amazon: Back to the Roots Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit for Kids

Kit #3: Root Mushroom Farm Golden Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Photo of a Golden Oyster Mushroom grow kitThis mushroom grow kit by Root Mushroom Farm is another great choice for beginners. Its kit design is in the shape of a log and the substrate is covered with a humidity tent.

The pack also comes with a free spray bottle and very detailed instructions.

Just as the name implies, the spawns of this oyster mushroom kit will result in a beautiful golden color. It is perfect for added decoration to your home.

This Golden Oyster Kit is available from Amazon: Root Mushroom Farm Golden Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


These 3 oyster mushroom kits are very easy for you to grow oyster mushrooms with. All you need for success is to follow their instructions with a little bit of patience.

A mushroom grow-kit is a simple hobby and a fun project for any age group, including children.

Growing-kits are a good starting place to help you in your endeavor to grow tasty oyster mushrooms for your family. I hope this article has shown you how easy it is to grow your own mushrooms when using one of these kits.