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5 Major Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms For Your Body

If you ever wonder what the 5 major health benefits of shiitake mushrooms are, then this is the perfect article for you.

The shiitake mushroom is an amazing ingredient; one that can elevate a dish into something truly spectacular. In addition, they are very healthy for your body.

Let us share the health benefits of this extraordinary mushroom with you and explain exactly how they positively impact on your overall health.

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All About the Healthy Shiitake Mushrooms

If you really want to become healthy, then Shiitake mushrooms are seriously amazing mushrooms to eat.

They contain so many health benefits and nutritional values, that we have devoted an entire article to them.

Aside from all the wonderful healing properties, shiitake mushrooms are very tasty, too. All mushroom lovers will enjoy including them in their regular diet. Use them directly in meals, or as an ingredient in many exciting recipes.

If you are planning a healthier diet, or just want to add another kind of mushroom to your list, then shiitake are a perfect choice for you.

The 5 Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms

Benefit #1: Anti-cancer

Shiitake mushrooms contain Lentinan, which is an anti-cancer compound. Consuming shiitake may help with fighting cancers as well as prevent cancer from forming in the first place.

After many studies with cancer patients in Japan, Lentinan has been identified as producing white blood cells, which boost your body’s immune system.

Benefit #2:  Anti-microbial

Anti-microbial is an agent that kills or attacks bacteria and bad microorganisms. Shiitake mushrooms are known to contain large amounts of this anti-microbial component.

Eating shiitake mushrooms regularly can help prevent certain illnesses by building up your own levels of anti-microbial. The recovery time from colds and flu is also significantly shortened.

Benefit #3: Anti-oxidant

Another great component of the shiitake mushroom is the amount of anti-oxidants they contain. Anti-oxidants are compounds that promote oxidation.

In simple terms, it means these compounds help your body expel unwanted or foreign cells.

The anti-oxidant properties of shiitake mushrooms help your body flush out any unhealthy foods you have eaten. This helps you maintain good health whilst protecting you from toxins.

Benefit #4: Lipid-lowering

The shiitake mushroom is a great food that can help lower your body’s fat content. Many people struggle with weight loss and unwanted fat, so finding a natural food that helps you slim down is worth considering.

Fat cells contain lipids. Shiitake mushrooms lower lipids when consumed regularly.

The lipid-lowering benefits of Shiitake include reducing liver fat and combating hardened arteries. They also prevent excessive inflammation during injuries.

Benefit #5: Supports immune function

The nutritional compounds found in shiitake mushrooms help boost your immune system. With a high anti-oxidant content, they can help prevent the body from succumbing to many viruses and health issues.

Of course, the benefits are based on an individual person’s circumstances, as well as how much and how often the mushroom is consumed.

Whichever way you look at them, shiitake mushrooms are without a doubt, a delicious and healthy option for any diet.

Additional Health Benefits of the Shiitake Mushroom

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Most of the shiitake mushroom benefits are all related to boosting the immune system. But, the great thing about this mushroom is that it does so much more than that.

One perfect example is how shiitake mushrooms benefit the heart. Whether you’re suffering from heart complications or heart illnesses is hereditary in your family, the following benefits are well worth learning about.

The following 3 heart benefits are all directed toward controlling your body’s cholesterol level. Although cholesterol is necessary for the body, having too much of it will eventually lead to serious consequences.

Keeping your cholesterol in balance is essential to avoid future heart problems.

The 3 Compounds for Better Heart Care

Compound #1: Eritadenine

Eritadenine is a compound that inhibits cholesterol-producing enzymes within the body.

A regular amount of Eritadenine maintains good cholesterol levels, which helps reduce your blood pressure as well.

As a result, you have less chance of damaging your heart through high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Compound #2: Sterols

One of the main benefits of Sterols is that they block cholesterol absorption in the gut.

They reduce the amount of fat absorbed into the bloodstream through your digestive system. This is very helpful if you consume a high-fat diet.

Sterols are another good way to reduce your body’s cholesterol levels and prevent high blood pressure that can negatively impact your heart.

Compound #3: Beta-glucans

The beta-glucan properties found in shiitake mushrooms are a great way to fight many types of cardiovascular diseases.

Not only are beta-glucans a form of sugar, but they are also a type of fiber. It’s another way of lowering the body’s cholesterol levels by making you feel fuller for longer.

The type of fiber in shiitake mushrooms can also prevent the natural sugars in food from being digested too fast, preventing blood glucose levels rising too quickly.

Thus, beta-glucans help with weight loss and avoids problems such as diabetes.

Various Forms of Medicinal Mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushroom

The great thing about having so many different available forms of shiitake mushrooms is that they are suitable for virtually anyone. From capsules, tinctures, powders, dried and fresh options, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs.

Solaray Shiitake Mushroom Capsules are one of the popular products people choose to include this amazing mushroom into their diet.

Another great example is this Health Ranger Select Shiitake Powder, perfect for adding to meals and drinks alike. Why not discover your own suitable shiitake form to try?


Whatever the form you choose to include in your diet, there’s no denying that shiitake mushrooms really are one of the world’s true superfoods.

Understanding the 5 major health benefits of shiitake mushrooms will hopefully help you on your way to good health and a better lifestyle.