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7 Things You Need to Know If You Wonder, “How Are Mushrooms Grown”

At some point, you may have asked, how are mushrooms grown? These days, most people look for fresh and organic produce.

That means you should be aware of where your food comes from.  If you also want to know how to grow mushrooms yourself, you came to the right place.

How Do Mushrooms Grow?

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Mushrooms grow from spores and not seeds. These spores are very small, so you can’t see them at first glance. Instead of using soil, mushroom spores also rely on things like sawdust, grain, straw, or wood chips for their sustenance.

A mushroom spawn refers to the spores that are growing and using nutrients. Oftentimes, this spawn is par of foods, like sourdough bread. Later on, the spawn will grow small, white bodies called mycelium.

7 things you need to know when you wonder about, “How are mushrooms grown?”

Tip #1: Go for a dark place

Mushrooms love dark, cool, and humid places to grow. If you are planning on growing mushrooms yourself, then you need a place like a basement. However, other cool places, like under the sink or a cabinet, could work too.

Check the temperature before you start the growth process. Mushrooms grow best at around 50-70 degrees F. Still, some kinds of mushrooms prefer colder temperatures, usually below 50 degrees F.

Tip #2: Check that there is no light

While some mushrooms can tolerate some light, they prefer low light environments. Overall, your process will be more efficient with little to no light. That may mean that you need to build a big container or put them in a closet.

Tip #3: Choose the right type of mushroom

While all sorts of mushrooms grow in the wild, there are only a few that you can grow at home. Wild mushrooms grow under complex conditions, which is why they can’t grow at home.

Consider using cremini, Portobello, oyster, shiitake, and white button mushrooms to grow at home. Keep in mind that each mushroom comes with their individuals growing needs.

Tip #4: Get the right materials

If you are planning on growing mushrooms in your home, there are some options to consider. Mushroom kits are common, and they contain a pre-made growing medium that already has mushroom spawn. This is the best option if you are a beginner mushroom grower.

On the other hand, you can start without a kit and do the work yourself.  You will need to grow a substrate that is viable for the type of mushroom you want. But this means that you have to do some research in advance.

To begin the adventure of growing mushrooms at home, you should start with white button mushrooms.

Tip #5: Warm up the soil first, then drop the temperature

This point is a good trick to speed things up when growing mushrooms. To start heating the soil, use a heating pad or direct light to raise the temperature to about 68-70 degrees F. Continue to do this until you see the white, threadlike growths called mycelium.

In about 3 weeks you should be able to see the mycelium. At this point, you can drop the temperature to the 50-60 degrees F. You should then cover the spawn with potting soil.

Tip #6: Moisten the soil often

As with other vegetables or plants, you need to keep the soil moist by watering it often. You can use a water spritzer and then place a wet towel over it. Check on the soil and cloth often to make sure it is still damp.

Tip #7: Know when to harvest your mushrooms

Some people make the mistake of harvesting their mushrooms too early or too late. For example, white button mushrooms usually appear within 3 weeks.

At this moment, you can harvest them if the caps are open. Cut the stalk with a sharp knife from the stem.

Don’t pull the mushrooms out, as you can damage the other ones that are still growing. If you harvest your fungi continuously, your crop can continue to grow.

You will probably need more spawn at some point. This is key in the process so you can grow more mushrooms, but keeping the soil damp should keep your crop alive.

Now you can easily answer the question, how are mushrooms grown?

Growing mushrooms at home will take some effort and time, but it is a relatively steady process once you get started. Make sure to take these 7 tips into account before you grow your mushrooms.

Another key point before you start growing mushroom is to always do extensive research. Preparing ahead of time will result in faster and better-growing conditions.

If you want to have the best mushrooms and the freshest, you surely are ready to start growing them at home. Get some mushrooms going and make your diet more nutritious too!