10 of the Top Reasons to Grow Mushrooms

If there’s any doubt that mushrooms are one of nature’s true superfoods, check out some of our other articles, like this one here. They highlight so many wonderful qualities, from so many different varieties, which is why you should grow mushrooms for yourself. Growing mushrooms yourself makes so much sense when compared to buying them from elsewhere.

Why wouldn’t you? Imagine some of the incredible benefits you could gain by having an endless supply of these super creations. That’s what this article is hoping to achieve. Sharing the many reasons you should start growing your very own mushrooms today.

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How to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Growing mushrooms is one of the simplest tasks you could ever undertake. With many pre-made mushroom kits readily available, the process isn’t as difficult as you might think. The kits are the best way to learn how to grow mushrooms at home. Depending on where you keep the kit, you might also learn how to grow mushrooms indoors.

There are also many books available on the subject, growing mushrooms at home quite a popular pastime for many. But whether you’re growing mushrooms indoors, or growing them from a mushroom kit, the result will mean the same thing. Amazing fresh mushrooms for you to enjoy.

The Top Reasons to Grow Them Yourself

I’m sure there are plenty more reasons for growing mushrooms at home, but for me, the following list is the most important. Why not let me know your own reasons over on our Facebook page? I’d love to hear what they are.

Reason #1: It’s Fun to Grow Mushrooms

Do you think I would continue to grow mushrooms if I didn’t find the journey fun? Because that’s what it is: a journey. It’s fun to plant these little spores, then nurture them to life and watch them grow into these incredible varieties of fungus.

The entire process is fun, from deciding which mushrooms to grow, to choosing the appropriate kit to use. There are many choices to make and each one is another step towards success. It really is an exciting process to go through.

Reason #2: Becoming Self-sufficient

I always find that relying on other people can be daunting. Whether it’s waiting for a repairman or someone to do an odd job, wouldn’t I be better off just doing it myself?

That’s what growing mushrooms does. It helps you to learn to create and provide for yourself. You will no longer need to depend on the local grocer to keep your favorite mushrooms on hand.

Reason #3: The Beauty of Mushrooms

Pink oyster mushrooms laid on a wooden surface

While some varieties of mushrooms might appear dull and boring, others are incredibly attractive to look at. The beautiful Lion’s Mane that resembles a snowball, the oyster mushroom in gold, pink or blue. Watching these fungi develop from tiny buds into these amazing pieces of art can be richly rewarding.

Reason #4: Recycling when you Grow Mushrooms

Most mushroom varieties don’t require difficult set-ups to grow. Many will take hold of any old log or pile of cardboard you have lying around. Use old materials to grow a fresh colony of fungi and the rewards will be amazing.

The process will open your eyes to the possibilities of recycling, with many materials great to use as substrates.

Reason #5: Better than Bought Mushrooms

Mushrooms on a cutting board next to a basket of white onions

Do you know why the food you create in your kitchen is always better than some of the ready-to-eat meals you buy from the store? Because the ingredients you use are real, full-flavored and high quality. Growing mushrooms at home is the same thing. Your products will be of high quality and grown the way you prefer.

Home-grown mushrooms really do have a tendency to be tastier, larger and filled full of nutrients. The end product is something to be proud of, able to be enjoyed in a way only you can see fit. Watching your eventual dinner growing in the middle of your kitchen table really is eye-opening.

Reason #6: Love Nature

Watching your little spores develop into amazingly bright and vivid mushrooms will open your eyes to the true wonders of nature. It really does. You learn to appreciate the growing process and what mushrooms go through before they turn into the ones we buy from the store.

And once you’ve grown your own, you’ll be amazed when you stumble across them in the wild, a new-found appreciation for what they go through before maturing enough for picking.

Reason #7: Meet New People

The process of growing mushrooms at home doesn’t have to keep you isolated behind locked doors. There are millions of people around the world, all of whom enjoy the art of mushroom growing as much as the next.

Many workshops exist to help experienced and newcomers alike. Find one near you, get out and interact with those who share your passion for mushrooms. You might just meet some new and interesting people.

Reason #8: Increase Your Creativity

A person holding a spoonful of cooked mushrooms

Growing different varieties of mushrooms will give you so many more options when deciding what to cook. They make great ingredients and given that the tastes are very different between different mushrooms, your palate will learn to experiment a lot more.

Reason #9: Money in Your Pocket

Although the initial outlay might cost you a little more, there’s no denying that once you’ve grown a few mushrooms, the cost is quickly recuperated as you harvest your crop.

Store-bought mushrooms can be expensive, especially if the supply runs short and demand grows. If you grow your own, the store prices won’t matter to you.

Reason #10: Learn Something New

If you have never grown mushrooms at home before, then you know you will learn some new and exciting things. The life-cycles of mushrooms, how they grow, what they need to survive, humidity levels are all things that you will master before your mushrooms are ready for harvesting.

Grow Mushrooms – It’s Worth It

Growing your own mushrooms is definitely one of the best experiences out there. If you have never tried it and are keen to get started, order yourself a growing kit today. I promise it will be totally worth it.